privacy policy

BookBidz, Inc. (“BookBidz”) understands the importance of full disclosure and the utmost need for user privacy. As such, this Privacy Policy has been made publicly available on for Registered Users and Visitors, (hereinafter collectively “User(s)”). Users are strongly encouraged to read the following terms to become aware of their contractual rights and obligations prior to entering into a contractual relationship with BookBidz.

BookBidz aims to keep secure User-specific information such as identifying details. In furtherance of these efforts, BookBidz will not disclose such information about you to third parties, including email addresses, account information, phone numbers, and addresses, except as required by Applicable Law, BookBidz’ Privacy Policy, or as otherwise set below:

NOTE : The user understands and agrees that BookBidz may disclose account information in the following circumstances:

  1. To comply with a government agency or court order, such as a lawful subpoena;
  2. To BookBidz employees, auditors, service providers, or other agents of BookBidz in the course of their duties at BookBidz;
  3. To attorneys in the course of their duties at BookBidz;
  4. In the event the User provides BookBidz with a written request, via post or email, providing express and unambiguous consent listing out the privileged party’s full name;
  5. In the event the User did not follow the provisions of this Agreement, the online instructions for the online services of BookBidz, its features, or other programs; or
  6. For any other reasons specified in this Agreement, or in any other agreement BookBidz has entered into with the User.