How does BookBidz Work?

  1. User creates an account on www.bookbidz.com
  2. To sell a book or an item, the user first needs to list the item.
  3. The seller will need a token to list an item.See how you can get 5 tokens for free here.
  4. Once you have at least one token in your account you can list an item on the website that buyers can bid on – just like in other online auction sites.
  5. To buy a book or an item, the user can perform a simple search for that item in the search box; the user may also perform an advanced search where there are additional search options.
  6. Once the desired item is found the user can bid on the auction based format or if an option buy the item at a listed price.
  7. Once the auction is closed, by the seller and buyer agreeing on a fair market value as determined by the auction, the two meet up on-campus and exchange the product for the winning bid value.They may at their discretion also choose to have the payment made through other avenues and the product shipped.
  8. When meeting in person please ensure your personal security and try to follow these and other common sense security precautions.
Get Tokens for free
You can get one token free for each of the following for a total of 5 by:

  1. Registering as a user Register here
  2. Liking & Following us on Facebook.Like us here
  3. Listing an item on bookbidz.com.List an item here
  4. Buying an item on bookbidz.com with a positive buyer rating
  5. Selling an item on bookbidz.com with a positive seller rating
Security Precautions
Please follow the following security precautions when meeting with people to exchange funds and sold items:

  1. Do not carry large amounts of cash with you; ask if the seller is willing to accept a check or use PayPal/Google Wallet as an alternate.
  2. Meet during the day time.
  3. Always try to meet in public places with others around you.As an example meet in a cafeteria, outside a class, in a library, etc.