About Us

What is Bookbidz?

Bookbidz is an online marketplace where students can buy and sell directly to other students and get the best value for their textbooks and other items whether they are buying or selling!

Bookbidz allows students to list their textbooks online, in an auction format and manages all aspects of the auction. With its proximity search, Bookbidz allows potential buyers to find textbooks, and other items of interest, locally so that they can complete the final transaction in person and typically on campus.

Being an auction based transaction, Bookbidz empowers its users to buy and sell at the best prices possible under the current market conditions as they relate to that item's supply and demand.

Why Bookbidz?

Unlike other sites that try to do several things all at the same time, Bookbidz focuses on making sure that its user community, the students, get the maximum amount of value and flexibility on both sides of the transaction – the seller and the buyer, all while being in control of the transaction.


The Bookbidz service maximizes the value for students, both buying and selling, as they buy and sell directly from each. Students also save a lot of time by being able to buy and sell locally and on campus.


With an Auction format transaction both the buyer and seller maximize their respective goals as they relate to selling at or over a minimum and buying at or below a maximum. It truly represents a Win-Win for both.


Bookbidz provides a lot of flexibility to its users. When listing an item they can set it up as a sale or an auction. They also can choose whether they are willing to ship the item or if they prefer a local transaction.


The Bookbidz service makes sure that both, the buyer and seller, control the transaction to best serve their goals. The seller can set a starting bid or a reserve price to make sure that minimum goals are met. At the same time the bidder controls their requirements by setting a maximum price up to which Bookbidz will automatically bid on the bidder’s behalf.

Social Networking

Bookbidz realizes the value of Social Networks and communication today. With that in mind there is social communication that is core to the Bookbidz solution. Users can also post their listings to various social networks like Twitter and Facebook.


Our website is designed to work across multiple platforms such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones alike with a responsive design that adapts well to mobile devices.

Location Services

Bookbidz makes it easy to search for items close to your location. You can pick from an option of radii around your current zip code or a different one of your choice.

Low Cost

Bookbidz, during its introductory period is completely free for users to buy or sell. However, even after the introductory period the cost to list items Bookbidz will be extremely low and is shown on the site today even though those features are unavailable to buy.